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Double push The Book

All Chad Hedrick ever wanted was to be the best skater in the world. The son of parents who owned a skating rink, Chad literally leaned to walk on skates, amazing rink customers with his skating ability by age three. Spending six to eight hours a day skating just for the fun of it, Chad was a national roller skating champion by age eight. He continued to win championships until, at age 15, inline skates broke upon the world. Chad became the world’s greatest inline skater, winning over fifty world and ninety national championships.

But one thing eluded him: Olympic Gold. Inline skating was not an Olympic sport. So in 2003, at age 26, Chad made the huge leap to ice speed skating. Starting as a novice, within two years he was again world champion, setting himself up for his ultimate accomplishment: winning Olympic Gold in 2006 in Torino, Italy. Unbeknownst to Chad, however, he was also setting himself up for a life-changing realization. For on the Olympic medal podium, while others glorified in their accomplishments, Chad secretly thought, “Is this all there is? I have spent my whole life working toward a goal that doesn’t truly satisfy.” For the first time in his life, Chad’s heart opened to considering that there was indeed something more. By the time he returned to the Olympic medal podium in 2010, he was a changed man.

Be challenged, motivated, and amazed as you follow this Olympian’s incredible journey from the singular pursuit of the world’s acclaim, to the singular pursuit of a higher purpose and lasting rewards.